Splendid Time - Liquids in Vibration (CD) (5965374161049)

Splendid Time - Liquids in Vibration (CD)


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PopRock vom Feinsten: euphorische Klangfarben, eingängige Melodien und originelle Arrangements.
The idea of splendid time: enjoy alternative live music in high quality sound poprock: euphoric timbres, beautiful melodies and arrangements.

1. Memorize
2. Pearlescent Pigment
3. Liquids In Vibration
4. Covering Her Sins
5. ClearwingPost Privacy Minor
6. Nightly Inside
7. Insomnia
8. !Springtide
9. Closer To The Sun
10. Peace Of Mind Or Piece Of Cake
11. Dive In
12. The Little Reminder
13. The Return Of DJ ICH
14. Favourite Flavour
15. Tiny Movie Theme
16. Suddenly Better Man